We work for the positive effect of acoustics

Construction companies, engineers, architects, researchers an all those who seek wellbeing by means of acoustic solutions.

  • Environmental acoustics

  • Building acoustics

  • Acoustics laboratory

  • We offer several solutions to matters related to noise pollution.

    • Environmental acoustic studies and management
    • Environmental impact evaluation
    • Noise maps
    • Action plan
    • Noise monitoring
    • Noise and vibration control
    • Technical reports
    • ICT in environmental noise management


  • With building projects and consultancy on acoustic intelligence, we guarantee the best acoustic performance, sound insulation and wellbeing in those spaces.

    • Building acoustics performance (studies, consultancy and projects)
    • Construction practice guides
    • Theaters; halls; cinemas; studios; schools; hospitals; hotels; residences; restaurants/bars; corporate offices and shopping centers.
    • Industrial and equipment´s noise control
    • Virtual Acoustics
    • Simulation of acoustic performance


  • Our technical team gives support to all our projects, offering specific services of measurements, simulation, evaluation and reports.

    • Building and environmental noise measurements
    • Measurements of Acoustic Performance
    • Measurements of Acoustic Quality – Certifications
    • Noise maps